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Ceo, Founder - All


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DressageTrainingOnline.com (DTO) was founded because of a dream of the founder and CEO, Reisa Bonetti. As an avid dressage enthusiast she identified a need for more training, more education so that one day she could be a Grand Prix rider. Having been involved with the internet in a previous life and her desire to enhance her education, prompted Reisa to create a venue where ALL enthusiasts could learn from the top talent when THEY were able to, without spending large amounts of money or time.

Today, 8 years later DTO has evolved to one of the most visited, well respected and valued educational sites worldwide. We are located in California. To fulfill the goal of furthering the education in one’s venue of choice we created two corporations:

In addition we own EnthusiastTrainingOnline.com, Inc. We basically are a service provider and partner with other companies that also believe and have a passion for education and helping a person be the best that they can be. These companies are:
• ReiningTrainingOnline.com
• Cuttinghorsetrainingonline.com
• Learn2groomdogs.com
• EventingTrainingOnline.com- anticipated launch date 2nd quarter 2013.

We offer an opportunity for equine enthusiasts to educate and train with our global elite trainers and judges worldwide through streaming training videos able to be viewed on any device in full screen. This alleviates the purchase of videos. We do this by providing unlimited access 24/7 to our entire video library 1,300+ and adding 10 new monthly. Videos are focused reality sessions averaging 15 minutes per session.

• We have members from 48 different countries
• We have provided subscriptions to over 60,000 different individuals to date
• We have 40+ different regularly featured trainers and judges in addition to numerous guest
educational providers
• Our trainers originate from America, Netherlands, Germany, New Zealand, Australia, France,
Spain, Austria, Sweden, England and Portugal