Shop the look: Dreaming of "Dots of Fauna" and "Tender Blue" ?

Blog posts   •   Feb 18, 2018 13:45 GMT

Dreaming of "Dots of Fauna" and "Tender Blue" ?⠀ Get creative and combine the two! ⠀


New Changing Pad Covers from Elodie Details

Blog posts   •   Feb 15, 2018 13:21 GMT

NEW - Changing Pad Covers. Change up your changing table! Upcycling! You’ve heard the term, here it is in practice.


Shop the look - Want or Need some Embedding Bloom?

Blog posts   •   Feb 13, 2018 13:27 GMT

Want or Need some Embedding Bloom in your life? It's available! Elodie Details Embedding Bloom SS 18 Gilded Garden Collection


Embedding Bloom - Let the leaves envelope you

Blog posts   •   Feb 08, 2018 22:48 GMT

The main focal point of “The Gilded Garden” really is the new “Embedding Bloom” print, although it’s not really a print, but more of a symbol. I was inspired by HC Anderssen’s classic tale of Thumbelina.


Decorating kids spaces – thoughts and ideas from Elodie Details

Blog posts   •   Feb 01, 2018 22:42 GMT

Elodie Details’ HOME assortment has grown steadily since we introduced it some 5 years ago, especially in the last two seasons. We’re happy that you, our fans and consumers around the world, seem to share our love for well designed everyday items. Every now and then we can introduce a little innovation as well, such as the new “StyleMyWeek”.


​ The Gilded Garden Collection - behind the scenes ...

Blog posts   •   Jan 26, 2018 10:07 GMT

Where did we find the Gilded Garden? The Gilded Garden is the name of Elodie Details Spring 2018 Collection. As the name suggests it is filled to the brim with botanical creations and growing things. We spoke with founder and Creative Director Linda Sätterström about how this collection came about.


Välkomna till "the Gilded Garden" Elodie Details Vårkollektion 2018

Press Releases   •   Jan 24, 2018 14:11 GMT

Någon har sagt ”Att odla sin trädgård är den långsammaste av alla konstformer”, och vi känner väl alla till ordspråket att ”tiga är guld”. Vi tog intryck av dessa båda citat i utvecklingen av vår nya kollektion - The Gilded Garden.


Welcome to "the Gilded Garden" Elodie Details Spring 2018 Collection

Press Releases   •   Jan 24, 2018 14:04 GMT

In this collection we’ve used a parade of some of our favourite growing things, like poppy, lavender, anemones and grass, along with June bugs and Dragonflies, and we’ve hand painted them in softly spoken water colours. Our hope is that these botanical creations can be a source of serenity and inspiration to you and your family as well. Welcome to the Gilded Garden!


Elodie Details välkomnar Pontus Lesse som ny VD efter nytt rekordår

Press Releases   •   Jan 15, 2018 06:00 GMT

Pontus Lesse blir ny VD för barndesignföretaget Elodie Details AB. Pontus har under många år gjort sig ett namn i bolagsvärlden, bland annat som mångårig VD för Unibet och senast som VD för Storevision Group AB. Han kommer in när grundaren och nuvarande VD Linda Sätterström tar över rollen som styrelseordförande och kreativ chef.


Elodie Details appoints Pontus Lesse as new CEO after record setting year

Press Releases   •   Jan 15, 2018 06:00 GMT

Swedish design company Elodie Details has appointed Pontus Lesse as its new CEO. Pontus has made a name for himself in the world of Business for many years, most noticeably by spearheading the rise and growth of Unibet Group in London for several years. Founder and current CEO Linda Sätterström will continue working as Creative Director and Chairman of the Board.

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