Attana AB

Attana at Antibody Engineering & Design


InterCity Hotel, Frankfurt

Join our panel discussion- Wed 23rd @ 16.40
Biologically relevant information- improving success of clinical trials!

Dr Teodor Aastrup, CEO, Attana

Dr Juan Carlos Almagro, Research Fellow, Head, Antibody Design Unit, Centocor

Dr Jesus Zurdo, Head of Innovation LCM Development Services, Lonza

Dr Alain Beck, Head of Physico Chemistry, Centre d'Immunologie Pierre Fabre

The panel discussion will be introduced with a presentation by Dr Jesus Zurdo, Head of Innovation LCM Development Services with Lonza on Managing development risks in biopharmaceuticals through lead optimisation and early analytical tools at 16.20.

The AED Conference is dedicated to accelerating the development of therapeutic antibodies through engineering approaches.