Grassroots innovations for inclusive economic growth


What is a community currency? Find out more about financial grassroot initiatives at ESBRI's Estrad on January 29, 2020.
Finlandshuset, Snickarbacken 4, Stockholm

Table-banks and community currencies are two examples of grassroots financial innovations that are advancing inclusive economic growth. Building on their research on the Kenyan table-banks and community currencies, professor Ester Barinaga (Lund University) and associate professor María José Zapata Campos (University of Gothenburg) will present how these grassroots financial innovations contribute to expand local markets, create networks to provide critical services, and build bridges between the community and local government. While local, these grassroots innovations build on global networks of knowledge.

The lecturers will highlight the extent to which grassroots innovations in Kenya build on knowledges from parallel experiences in Europe. They will also discuss what Europe could now learn from the Kenyan development of these financial grassroots knowledges.

Please note that this lecture is in English. Welcome!


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