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Zadar, Croatia
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ISRAEL MAGIC – ZADAR SUMMER | ZADAR | JULY 12th – 19th, 2012 Distingushed Israeli artists, musicians, dancers and singers will perform this summer in Zadar as part of the cultural program organized by the Embassy of Israel. THURSDAY, JULY 12th 21.15hrs OPENING CEREMONY (FORUM) 22.00hrs YAMMA ensemble (FORUM) The singer of the Israeli group Yamma, Tayla Solan, is known for her incredible voice and is considered a real refreshment of the Israeli World Music Scene. In 2004 she founded the ethno ensamble Yamma consisting of five extraoridnary musicians. Their sound has its roots in East European, Balkan, Sephardic and Yemenite melodies and it is irresistibly mystic and interesting. FRIDAY, JULY 13th 19.30 KABBALAT SHABBAT (HOTEL BASTION) (Heb. קַבָּלַת שַׁבָּת; Welcoming of Shabat) Marks the beginning of Shabbat, the time of Friday evening which precedes the regular evening prayer and welcomes Shabbat. Ceremony takes place before sundown and consists of lighting of candles, reciting the poetry and singing of songs in honor of Shabbat. 20.30hrs: Exhibition: MENASHE KADISHMANN at ST. DONAT CHURCH Menache Kadishman is one of the most famous Israeli painters and sculptors. In his youth Kadishman worked as a shepherd in a kibbutz. This experience with nature, sheep and shepherding had a significant impact on his later artistic work and career. 22.00hrs: JAZZ KLEZMER BAND APROPOS.ART at FORUM Jazz klezmer band was founded in 2004 owing to the energy of composer Yuri Povolotsky. It is a combination of folklore with elements of classical music, jazz, funk and Mediterranean ethnic culture which creats a basis for modern performing of traditional klezmer music. 23.30hrs: Film "Broken Wings" (FORUM) Film Broken Wings tells a story of a family breaking apart after the father's death. Maya wants to win a competition, Ido tries to photograph himself jumping from a high place, Yair is being suffocated in a meaningless existence and the mother tries to keep the family together. SATURDAY, JULY 14th 20.00hrs: TASTING OF ISRAELI FOOD (FORUM) 21.30hrs: GOTTEX FASHION SHOW OF SWIMWEAR (FORUM) Gottex, the iconic swimwear brand was established in 1956. Since the enstamblishemnt it has always been associated with quality, fashion and glamour. Gottex is seen as a fashion leader in the swimwear business. 22.30hrs: MEHOLA FOLK GROUP (FORUM) The repertory of the Mehola folk Group includes Israeli folk dances, dances in honor of certain holidays and religious festivities, popular ethnic dances like Hora, Hasidic dances, Oriental and Arab dances and jazz and various modern styles. 23.30hrs: Movie NOODLE (FORUM) At thirty-seven, Miri is a twice-widowed, El Al flight attendant. Her well-regulated existence is suddenly turned upside down by an abandoned Chinese boy whose migrant-worker mother has been summarily deported from Israel. The film is a touching comic-drama in which two human beings - as different from each other as Tel Aviv is from Beijing - accompany each other on a remarkable journey, one that takes them both back to a meaningful life. SUNDAY, JULY 15th 19.30 TASTING OF ISRAELI FOOD (FORUM) 21.00 HORA JERUSALEM CHOIR (FORUM) In the 50 years of its existence the choir has held numerous concerts in Israel and abroad, often as accompaniment of the Hora Jerusalem Dance Group. Its rich repertory includes foreign songs which have come to Israel together with a multitude of immigrants and which have been translated into Hebrew. There are also Israeli folk songs which originated in various Jewish communities in the centuries of the Diaspora. 22.00 SHEKETAK – DANCE GROUP (FORUM) Sheketak is the joint project of extraordinary dancers and rhythm experts who in their modern innovative choreographies unite music, rhytm and dance sequences in different styles like break-dance, step, hip hop, etc. 23.30 Film TURN LEFT AT THE END OF THE WORLD (FORUM) When a family from India moves to Israel in the 1960's, they are settled in a desert neighborhood in Southern Israel.The film also explores the hardships and surprises that come with the integration of multiple families from different ethnic backgrounds (from the Diaspora) and their struggle with immigration and prejudice. MONDAY, July 16th 19.30 TASTING OF ISRAELI FOOD (FORUM) 21.00 EXHIBITION: JERUSALEM FROM THE AIR (RECTOR’S PALACE) The exhibition, consisting of 25 color photographs, introduces Jerusalem from a "bird's eye" caught by the skilful lens of Duby Tal, who served as a helicopter pilot in the Israeli Air Force. The photographs show us different faces of Jerusalem - old and ancient, new and modern. The magnficant photographs take us on an air tour of Jerusalem. 22.00 FASHION SHOW (FORUM) 23.00 Film SHLOMI’S STARS (FORUM) Hebrew title: - Shlomi's Stars) is a 2003 film written and directed by Shemi Zarhin about a 16-year-old boy named Shlomi, who lives with his restless mother, his soldier brother, and their ill grandfather. Although not doing well in school, Shlomi is a gifted cook and takes care of most household chores. Shlomi is pretty much invisible to those he cares for - until a math test at school catches the attention of Shlomi's teacher, who suspects that a unique gift lies behind that dormant facade. TUESDAY, JULY 17th 20.30 TASTING OF ISRAELI FOOD (FORUM) 22.00 BARACK MARSHALL: ROOSTER (FORUM) Barack Marshall is one of the most innovative Israeli choreographers. His performance “Emma Goldmann’s Wedding” won all the awards at the international competition Bagnolet in Paris. His troupe performs all over the world. Performance Rooster was created in 2009 and it is based on the Beckett’s “Waiting for Godot” as well as Bible stories and Yemenite folklore. 23.30 MATTER OF SIZE FORUM A group of fat people from the Israeli city of Ramla is fed up with the sanctity of diets and the 'Dictatorship of the Thinness' of the diet workshop they participate in. They leave it and discover the world of sumo, where fat people like them are honored and appreciated. Through sumo they are connecting to themselves and to their fat body, each one in his own way. WEDNESDAY, July 18th 21.00 DAFNA STRING QUARTET (ST. FRANCIS CLOISTER) Since its establishment in 2000 Dafna String Quartet has become an important part of the Israeli music scene and gained many acclaims. All members of the quartet are also members of the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra: Dorit Valk, Amon Valk, Elianna Lovenberg and Yoram Alperin. The well known violinist Guy Figer will also take part in the concert. The ensemble performs regularly in Israel and abroad. 22.30 Film WALK ON WATER (FORUM) Eyal is a Mossad agent whose task is to eliminate enemies of Israel. His wife has recently commited suicide and his boss decide that it is time for him to get an easier task: to find an elderly Nazi war criminal before his death.Eyal befriends the grown-up grandchildren of the old Nazi, Axel and Pia... THURSDAY, July 19th 22.00 LIOR SUCHARD (FORUM) Lior Suchard can read minds. His outstanding performances of mind reading thought influencing, predicting and telekinesis have earned him international acclaim as a top class supernatural entertainer and mentalist from members of the public. He has performed with enormous success in 42 countries around the world, regularly appears on the Israeli TV. He was a guest at Jay Leno's and Larry King's shows. 23.30 Film BAND’S VISIT (FORUM) A band comprised of members of the Egyptian police force head to Israel to play at the opening ceremony of an Arab arts center. By mistake they find themselves in a wrong town. Free entrance for all visitors Facebook: Israel in Croatia Embassy of Israel in Zagreb