Maurizio Cattelan in Stockholm


Vernissage Saturday, 25 November kl 16.00 - 18.00. Featuring work by Maurizio Cattelan. Concrete Gallery Södra Hamnvägen 2 Värtahamnen Contact: Urban Zapp 46 (0)73 948 32 22 info@concretegallery.org http://www.concretegallery.org Exhibition period: 25/11 - 17/12. The Concrete Gallery opens in Stockholm as part of a collaboration with a number of independent small-scale exhibition spaces in New York whose aim is to broaden the concept of art by reducing the size of the physical spaces where art is shown. Concrete Gallery welcomes Maurizio Cattelan, whose Wrong Gallery (formerly located at 516A1/2 West 20th St in Chelsea, temporarily relocated to Tate Modern) pioneered the informal network of mini-galleries in New York. We are pleased to have Cattelan and his new installation as the first exhibition at the new space. Artist will attend the opening. Serving as an alternative to the white cube, the Concrete Gallery offers new and established artists a unique location for true public exposure. Generating energy from its industrial surroundings, Concrete Gallery recognizes the modern condition and urban lifestyle as the impetus of innovation. It serves to promote cutting-edge contemporary art and artists through its raw structure and immediacy. Concrete Gallery is removed from the abstracts of business, instead focusing on the tangible impact of the visceral experience of art. (To appreciate the full experience of this exhibition, be sure to wear casual clothing and comfortable shoes.) For more info about Cattelan: http://www.designboom.com/eng/interview/cattelan.html For more information about the gallery and current exhibition contact Urban Zapp or check out the gallery website http://www.concretegallery.org/