Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI)

Press Briefing: The latest adaptation text does not hold water - Why the global climate challenge is a global water challenge


Bella Center, UN Climate Change Conference, Copenhagen. Room. Asger Jorn (Located in Hall H of the Bella Centre)

Water is the primary medium through which climate change impacts will be felt by human populations and the environment. Adapting to climate change will require adapting to changes in water availability and distribution. Yet, water is barely mentioned in Non-Paper 53, the latest version of the adaptation text that is under negotiation at Copenhagen.

The press briefing will address the following questions:

• Why water is critical to adaptation strategies?
• What is the status of water in the current UNFCCC text on adaptation?
• What does it matter to people’s lives if water management is not highlighted as a priority in any outcome from COP15?