Utrikespolitiska Föreningen Stockholm

Seminar on: SYRIA and the Swedish-Syrian relations


Stockholms Universitet Auditorium​ A2, Södra huset
The topic will be introduced by Jaber Zain, a son of the prime minister who was overthrown in a military coup in the 70’s. He is nowadays active in uniting support for the Syrian opposition in Sweden. Mr Zain will guide us through a historical overview as well as the difficulties currently facing the country. After having been given a backround to the current situation by Mr Zain’s story, we are excited to welcome you to participate in a debate with Amineh Kakabaveh from the Swedish parliament, and Gabriel Karlsson from the Red Cross. The aim of this seminar is to create an understanding of the issues facing the Syrian civilian population, as well as the responsibilities facing those involved with a country in conflict. Welcome! The seminar will be held in English. Members free, others 20 kr. Membership can be arranged on the spot.