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The 5th Restaurant Week Zagreb


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Eating in Zagreb is once again good and cheap This autumn, for the fifth consecutive time, the citizens and guests of Zagreb will have the opportunity to enjoy various specialties at very affordable prices. Of course, we are talking about yet another Restaurant Week. Modelled after events in major cities around the world, the event is taking place in Zagreb for the third year in a row. This autumn, tasty and delicious treats will be on offer at various places in the city between 5 and 14 October. The participating restaurants, partners of the event, will offer several course menus for as little as 100 kuna. At some of the restaurants the price will include a glass of fine wine. Menus and restaurants can be chosen online at before the beginning of Restaurant Week. The event, which is organized in the spring and autumn, attracts a growing number of restaurants each time, which makes it increasingly more difficult to choose a place to dine. Regardless of what your gourmet taste buds may prefer, during Zagreb’s tastiest week you will be spoiled for choice of traditional, local and foreign foods, creative as well as rather conventional meat dishes, fish and vegetarian dishes, as well as tasty desserts. Once again, the low prices will not impact the choice of the ingredients, which will all be carefully selected for freshness and quality. The jubilee 5th edition will feature yet another happening: during the entire week a small mobile kitchen will circulate the city offering excellent warm soups. Under the motto “A healthy soup in a healthy stomach”, citizens will have the opportunity to buy soup from the van without prior reservation, and for all those who come to get their soup on a bicycle, rollerblades, skateboard or any other leg-propelled vehicle, there will be an additional 5 kuna discount.