Gothenburg Startup Hack

The best hack on a boat in Gothenburg


On a boat in the archipelago of Gothenburg!
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Gothenburg Startup Hack is about building and demoing a product prototype. We prefer fresh ideas and technological innovation over a solid business case. Don't worry about the numbers or the bottom line — use your imagination, think outside the box and go nuts! This hack is about building stuff — a demo with just a PowerPoint presentation ain't gonna fly. We are hosting a meetup, date to be announced soon — where we all hang out and meet each other. Looking for a team or more team members? This is the right place to be! Once you have put together a versatile team, make sure to sign up before the application deadline — April 21. We think that the best teams are made up of people with different skills and different backgrounds. We recommend team sizes between 3 to 5 people. Finally, the hack takes place on May 16th. Be prepared to hack from early in the morning till late in the evening. We will keep you comfortable and make sure you are fed all the way trough to the epic party .


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