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The Transformation of Memory – Jewish Perspectives


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Internationell konferens med anledning av Raoul Wallenbergåret 2012. Medverkar gör bl a Hilde Schramm , Germany Bengt Jangfeldt, Sweden Charlotte Gyllenhammar, sweden Johanna Adorjan, Germany Etgar Keret, Israel Ruth Klüger, Austria/USA Ola Larsmo, Sweden Elisabeth Åsbrink, Sweden Claude Lanzmann, France Göran Rosenberg, Sweden Norbert Frei, Germany Andras Kovacs, Hungary Diana Pinto, France ticket price for the entire program or part of it : 200 SEK • bankgiro 755-4132 upon payment make sure to specificy your name and the word “memory” tickets will also be available for purchase at the venue throughout the conference free admission: members of the Association for Jewish Culture in Sweden become a member: yearly membership 1000 Sek • bankgiro 755-4132 • www .judiskkultur.se free admission: youth under the age of 26 • members of the Association of Holocaust Survivors reservations required at: wallenberg.memory@judiskkultur.se