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Zagreb - INmusic Festival 2012


ZAGREB, Croatia The festival will take place between the 28th and 30th of June and will feature acts such as Franz Ferdinand, The Cranberries, Mando Diao, Gorillaz Sound System and many more.
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The INmusic Festival 2012 Zagreb’s best known and largest music festival – the INmusic Festival, will once again attract numerous fans of great music to Zagreb for a three day festival of phenomenal fun. The festival will take place between the 28th and 30th of June and will feature acts such as Franz Ferdinand, The Cranberries, Mando Diao, Gorillaz Sound System and many more. If you are fans of Franz Ferdinand, The Cranberries or Mando Diao, make sure to visit Zagreb this summer because the aforementioned acts, along with many other musicians from around the globe, will perform at this year’s INmusic Festival, which will take place between the 28th and 30th of June. Among the headliners are the mega-popular Scottish band Franz Ferdinand, who are currently recording their fourth studio album and, we believe, do not need any special introduction. This will be the third appearance by Franz Ferdinand at the festival. Apart from their old hits, this time the audience will have the opportunity to enjoy hits from their latest album. Fans of the Irish alternative rock band The Cranberries, which was regarded as one of the most important rock bands in the world during its beginnings in the early 1990s, will also be pleased to see their favourite band perform. The Cranberries also have a familiar biography; they shot to fame with numerous great hits such as “Zombie”, “Ode to my family”, “Linger”, “Dreams”, “Salvation”, “Animal Instinct”, “Just My Imagination”, “Ridiculous Thoughts” etc… They released a total of five albums, and they played on tours with the Rolling Stones and AC/DC. After getting back together after a lengthy breakup, they recorded their sixth studio album, “Roses”, earlier this year. Briton Ben Drew, aka Plan B, winner of the Brit Award for best male performer in 2011, is also coming to Croatia for the first time, exclusively in order to perform at the INmusic Festival. He is the author of mega-hits such as “She Said” and “Prayin'”, and he has recorded two studio albums, “Who Needs Actions When You Got Words” in 2006, and “The Defamation of Strickland Banks”, released two years ago. The audience will also have the opportunity to enjoy the unique Gorillaz Sound System project, probably the most exciting audio-visual event in the world today. The Gorillaz Sound System is a four-man band which performs global hits complemented by oversized projections, which have thus far won numerous awards. The band consists of a DJ, a percussionist, a drummer and a visuals director who is in charge of the impressive animations. Among the headliners are also Swedish band Mando Diao, which has recorded six studio albums, and Croatian audiences will have the opportunity to hear some of their greatest hits live for the first time, such as “Give Me Fire” and “Dance With Somebody”, as well as songs from their latest unplugged album, “Above And Beyond”, recorded in cooperation with the famous actress and singer Juliette Lewis. Also performing will be an unusual group with an even more unusual repertoire, Gogol Bordello, which numerous critics describe as “something like Ukrainian-Gypsy Cabaret”. They are a multi-cultural band consisting of immigrants in America, whose music builds a bridge between the eastern European, Gypsy, and western cultures. Since the festival is almost two months away it is likely more big names from the world of music will confirm their arrival. However, apart from the aforementioned bands, the following bands have also already confirmed: Retro Stefson, General Elektriks, Iness Mezel and the Tamikrest band, coming to Zagreb from the north of Mali.