Så hjälper Extend dig uppfylla GDPR

Nyheter   •   Apr 18, 2018 22:52 CEST

GDPR, EU:s nya lag för personuppgifter, träder i kraft 25 maj i år. Det innebär att nya krav ställs på rutiner och processer för säker hantering av personuppgifter. Alla organisationer och branscher som sparar eller hanterar personlig information kommer påverkas. Lagen är till för att skydda individers integritet och stärka personskyddet. Vi på Extend ser till att du kan vara trygg med oss.


Göran Enström joins Extend as Head of Business dev.

Pressmeddelanden   •   Feb 20, 2018 08:40 CET

Jönköping, Sweden Feb. 20, 2018 – Extend (http://www.extend.se/) announced today that Göran Enström will join the company as of 15th of April 2018, to further develop their growing portfolio of enterprise accounts and partnerships.


Extend enables smart growth platform for Brand Square

Pressmeddelanden   •   Feb 12, 2018 13:00 CET

Extend enables its customers to extend with new features as the company grows continuously. Brand Square gets the opportunity to start small and then scale up the business.


Välj de applikationer som passar din verksamhet bäst

Nyheter   •   Dec 21, 2017 10:15 CET

​I Fortnox Magazine kan du i dagarna läsa om hur Extend möjliggör för dig att integrera med de affärskritiska system som passar ditt företag bäst.


Ny, vinnande lösning för lagerstyrning för VEAB

Nyheter   •   Dec 18, 2017 10:15 CET

​Intressant läsning om Solars intelligenta lösning via Extend, vilket skapar stort värde för deras kund VEAB.


Extend’s new customer – Europe’s leading Industrial Integrator, MAG45

Pressmeddelanden   •   Dec 15, 2017 16:50 CET

Extend is proud to announce Dutch MAG45 as a new customer which will use the Extend platform to streamline the management of its customer’s inventory.


New release concept with business value in focus

Pressmeddelanden   •   Nov 30, 2017 14:40 CET

Ready to be amazed? We’re launching a brand new release concept to pay attention to the fact that we are developing pretty awesome features.

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Extend’s new customer – Denmark’s leading wine retailer

Pressmeddelanden   •   Okt 24, 2017 12:00 CEST

As from October, it’s official that Extend will deliver a new, complete solution for managing H.J. Hansen’s daily operations.

Extend supplies the market with a cloud-based platform to automatically control and synchronize inventory, sales and order information from multiple partners, channels and markets. This allows Extend’s customers to accelerate their growth and take control of logistics costs, resulting in increased efficiency, better margins and more satisfied customers.

Extend is in an expansion phase, both nationally and internationally, and in line with that, the company has signed new deals with several customers this autumn, including Denmark’s largest wine importer.

” This is a project that in the end will give true business value and increase productivity for H.J. Hansen. We have experienced how a highly customized ERP’s, is not able to do the job and is expensive to maintain. We’re confident we will vastly simplify and make life easier for the staff at H.J. Hansen and get the functionality to drive growth for HJ Hansen. Therefor we are eager to get going with the implementation” says Dorthe Priess, CEO of H.J. Hansen Vin A/S.

H.J. Hansen Vin A/S is Denmark’s leading supplier of quality wines with an assortment of more than 2,000 products and has a wide selection of wine and liquor from all over the world. H.J. Hansen supplies to the hotel and restaurant industry as well as general B2B, but also direct sales to private consumers through the nationwide network ”Vinspecialisten”. In addition, H.J. Hansen’s web shop is available 24/7.

“To have H.J. Hansen on board feels great and it is underlining the great momentum that Extend presently have in a global market demanding more competent and versatile order management capabilities. I feel confident that this solution will make a great positive impact in H.J. Hansen’s business, and we highly appreciate the business awarded and the confidence HJ Hansen places on Extend.” says Gabriel Andersson, CEO at Extend

Extend provide H.J. Hansen with a new and complete solution for managing daily operation, enabling them to gain control over the entire order and logistics flow. H.J. Hansen transfer all business processes, except finance and accounting, from the old ERP system to Extend. The Extend platform will be the core application which handles all data for the dimensions: product, customers, suppliers, warehouses, including processes and functionality supporting Multi channel sales including web shop, partner portal (B2B), general sales processes, order and customer service, purchasing and warehouse operations in main warehouse.

H.J. Hansen will move from an IT set up where they had to do a lot of special adjustments and manual work to an application that is focusing on standardized processes in order to simplify and improve the daily work.

For more information, please contact:

Gabriel Andersson, CEO, Extend. +46 (0) 76 310 19 29 or e-mail: gabriel.andersson@extend.se

Dorthe Priess, CEO, H.J. Hansen Vin, +45 63 12 82 40 or email: dpr@hjhansen.dk

About Extend

Extend is a Swedish company that has developed a platform for automatic control and synchronization of inventory, sales and order information against multiple partners, channels and markets. Extend’s customers get built-in logic and real-time data to control their business processes. Better information means better decisions to optimize and develop the business. Extend’s platform is completely modular and flexible to extend functionality when you need it. For more information visit www.extend.se

Think small, Extend

About HJ.Hansen Wine Ltd

H.J.Hansen Wine Ltd. was founded in 1829 and is still family owned (Danish family) which is quite unusual in the wine business today. H.J. Hansen are regarded as one of the leading wine retailers if not THE leading wine retailer in Denmark when it comes to quality wines. Experience and tradition play a main role in this more than 180-year-old success story, although foresight and vision are cast for support.
Through the years, the key words have remained the same: QUALITY, CHOICE AND SERVICE.
H.J. Hansen import wines from all over the world through very close contacts/ relationships with a very well-developed producer network with the very best wines from f.ex. France, Italy, Spain, Chile, Argentina, the US, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand.
The company supply the hotel, restaurant and catering sector as well as the business-to-business sector and private customers. Private customers are mainly supplied through H.J. Hansen’s shops in Odense and Copenhagen and through the voluntary shop chain Vinspecialisten where H.J. Hansen have almost 50 shops all over Denmark.

Om Extend

Extend är ett svenskt företag som har utvecklat en plattform för automatisk kontroll och synkronisering av lager-, försäljnings- och orderinformation mot multipla partners, kanaler och marknader. Extends kunder får inbyggd logik och realtidsdata för att kunna styra sina verksamhetsprocesser. Bättre information betyder bättre beslut för att optimera och utveckla ditt företag. Extends plattform är helt modulär och flexibel för att utöka funktionaliteten när du behöver den. För mer information besök www.extend.se

Think small, Extend

As from October, it’s official that Extend will deliver a new, complete solution for managing H.J. Hansen’s daily operations.

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Extend skriver avtal med Borgmann Logistics GmbH för att öka tillväxten på den europeiska marknaden

Pressmeddelanden   •   Sep 18, 2017 17:00 CEST

Det nya partnersamarbetet mellan Extend och det tyska företaget Borgmann Logistics GmbH skapar möjligheter att ta ytterligare marknadsandelar i framför allt Tyskland men även i övriga Europa och därmed hjälpa fler kunder med effektiva, IT-drivna logistiklösningar.


Nya standard API:er till webbshop

Nyheter   •   Sep 13, 2017 12:20 CEST

Nu kan du enkelt förbättra din webbshop med koppling till order och lagerhantering.

Kontaktpersoner 2 kontaktpersoner

Om Extend Commerce AB

Extend är ett nav för alla dina ordrar, som kommer från olika kanaler som webbbutiker, e-post eller elektroniskt överförda. Extend gör det enkelt för dig att få kontroll över alla dina ordrar, på ett ställe.

Extend effektiviserar & hanterar affärskritisk processer för ekonomi, lager, och orderinformation mot multipla partners, kanaler & marknader. Extend ger kontroll och realtids information samt inbyggd logik och intelligens för affärsprocessen.


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