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Smart production with twin track conveyor

News   •   Apr 04, 2018 18:03 CEST

FlexLink is pleased to announce the release of the new twin track conveyor for smart production, transporting up to 200 kg per pallet.

The twin track conveyor for heavy loads is delivered pre-assembled in standardized modules, including pre-defined control logics. The solution’s accumulation needs are close to eliminated due to the dual speed boosters, reducing the pallet exchange time, which in turn increases the available production time. This gives you a top-of-the-line smart production of heavy loads.

A smart solution

The solution is prepared for the smart factory, a fully digitized system with easy simulation possibilities and line monitoring, providing real time OEE-data for production line optimization. It is equipped with everything from RFID-ready pallets and smart motors, to routing and track-and-trace software.

In addition, our track-and-trace features allow you to collect all data related to the flows, processes and products. Easy production monitoring setup enables an analysis of real time data where deviations can be identified, reducing unplanned stops.

The solution is all-electrical, offering a low noise level. The twin track conveyor has high connectivity and data availability, enabling predictive maintenance and OEE-metrics.

In order to increase available production, the twin track is equipped with double speed zones that shorten pallet change-over time by up to 50 %.

The twin track is equipped with smart motors that not only cut excessive working time, but also unnecessary wear. All in all, this provides you with a durable solution and a meantime before failure of 12.000 working hours.

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