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Thumbs up for FlexLink at Interpack

News   •   May 16, 2014 15:01 CEST

“The feedback from customers has been fantastic” comments Viktor Hermanson, Marketing Manager
at FlexLink. “It is clear that the message about know-how, improving production efficiency and reducing cost of ownership has been well accepted by companies. This concerns the whole spectrum from the new wide belt conveyor system in stainless steel which focus on manufacturers’ operational perspective to the integration of lines and intelligent engineering tools demonstrated. In addition, the connection to the Coesia Group got fantastic response, shown in the two production line.” Viktor adds.

The new wide belt conveyor system caught significant interest to manufacturers who instantly
recognized how it contributes to reduced total costs and how it support food safety issues. This is an area where consumer interest and brand protection meet so the interest from the large producers was strong. Also the high operator safety scored high.

Increased production efficiency and OEE is on every manufacturer’s lips today and Youtilize, FlexLink’s suite for monitoring line efficiency and equipment status, got serious attention at the booth. Notable are the comments on how easy the set-up is.

For the planning and engineering phase, FlexLink teased the audience with a pre-view of the
Design Tool, which is not only a user friendly drag and drop design tool for conveyors and lines, but it also make simulations of the line efficiency and convert layouts to drawing formats. “The FlexLink Design Tool represents a leap right into next generation of engineering accuracy, predictability and
easiness, all in one shot.” says Peter Lindkvist, who has managed the development project of the new tool.

As part of the integrated coffee capsule filling and packaging line, the new DMT technology
diverters and mergers caught the visitors’ eyes and demonstrated world record capacity at the booth. Producers of from different industries were impressed by the gentle handling, the capability to handle a wide range of products and the quick change overs for different product formats.

The integrated solutions from ADMV, FlexLink, Hapa and Laetus demonstrating on demand
production and late stage customization with integrated 3D quality control, product manipulation caught the attention of all visitors. The high reliability, advanced product handling made easy and flexibility of the systems stood out in the comments.

Viktor Hermanson concludes “It is clear that the FlexLink and the entire Coesia Group stood out
among the 2,700 exhibitors. We did not only get a high number of dedicated visitors at our stand but also the spontaneous discussions were  over whelming – indeed a good verdict of the  innovation and know-how based message we communicated.”


FlexLink AB

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Communications Manager

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