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The Child’s Golf 2012 scores a new record

Press Release   •   Oct 24, 2012 09:29 CEST

 “The money is earmarked for the making of healing rooms at the Queen Silvia’s Child Hospital in Gothenburg”         

This year, FlexLink teamed up as the main sponsor of the Child’s Golf, the largest charity golf event in Sweden. It is arranged by the Foundation for Queen Silvia’s Child Hospital in Gothenburg with the aim to make life easier for the children and to foster the recovery by offering a good and stimulating environment during their stay at the hospital.

– For FlexLink, it is a logical to contribute to a positive and meaningful environment for the children and their families. Our engagement is part of our sustainability program where all FlexLink units around the world are supporting the communities where we operate. Besides the financial sponsorship, more than 40 of our Swedish employees participated in voluntarily work at the event, comments Mattias Perjos, CEO of FlexLink.

Many Swedish celebrities participated in the event, such as HRH Princess Birgitta and the golf tour players Johan Edfors, Thomas Bjørn, Caroline Hedwall, Carin Koch and Linda Wessberg. 

– It is fantastic to see all the companies and people involved contribute in the way they do. The money raised is earmarked to the financing of additional healing rooms at the hospital. These rooms are designed to create a good environment for the children and parents during their stay at the hospital, says Tomas Gedda, driver of the foundation for the Childs Hospital.

The Child’s Golf event was ended with a gala dinner and an auction where golf clubs of Tiger Woods, Roger Federer and Alice Cooper were sold, the money collected could be summed up. The result this is 1,050 kSEK, a record and a substantial growth compared to last year.   

– From the foundation, we want to thank all involved for their fantastic contributions!. The contributions from FlexLink and others gave more than one million – an amazing result and the money is very welcome and earmarked for the children, ends Tomas Gedda. 

FlexLink Group

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FlexLink är en global leverantör av lösningar inom produktionslogistik för tillverkande företag. Lösningarna ger tillverkande företag möjlighet att öka effektiviteten i sina produktionssystem. FlexLink är ett globalt företag med egna säljbolag i 23länder och partners i fler än 60. Huvudkontoret ligger i Göteborg. Under 2011 hade FlexLink 716 anställda och koncernens omsättning var 1 614 Mkr.

FlexLink ingår i Coesia-koncernen som består av 13 företag specialiserade inom tillverkning av automatiserade maskiner, tillhörande produkter och tjänster. Under 2011 omsatte koncernen 1134 M€ och hade 4700 medarbetare, inkl FlexLink.

of automated machinery, related products and services. 2010 hade Coesia Group 3900 anställda och en omsättning på 871 miljoner € (exkl. FlexLink).

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