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The Character of War in the 21st Century


Lejonsköldska salen, Försvarshögskolan, Drottning Kristinas Väg 37, 114 28 Stockholm, Sverige
The question of how we understand the phenomenon of war is forever topical. From Afghanistan to Libya, what is war in the global age? Is it meaningless to try ‘make sense’ of war? What is the role of philosophy in understanding war? These are some of the questions that we grapple with in The Character of War in the 21st Century (eds. C. Coker and C. Holmqvist, London: Routledge, 2010). A warm welcome to an intellectually adventurous discussion of the use of military force and the phenomenon of war in the twenty-first century. Nytt seminarium i serien Internationella relationer. Professor Christopher Coker, Department of International Relations, London School of Economics and Political Science och Dr. Caroline Holmqvist, lektor vid Institutet för Säkerhet och Strategi, Försvarshögskolan, kommer att tala på temat "The Character of War in the 21st Century".


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