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New method eases the 5:2 diet

Pressmeddelande   •   Feb 21, 2014 15:10 CET

Hunger is one of the biggest difficulties when dieting. Now there is a new proven method that helps dieters to control hunger feelings.
- The technology used results in you eating less and still feel satisfied, Ann-Marie Brömvik at Hypnoteket explains.

Fasting, 5:2 and diets of different types are nowadays familiar to many people. One of the major and most common problem for people on a diet is to control their sense of hunger.
- In order to reach your goals, it is important to avoid snacking, says Ann-Marie Brömvik.
The solution is a technique and method to reduce hunger feelings and craving between meals.
And now the app 5:2 Hunger Control is on the market.
- It is an easy-to-use program that consists of audio files you listen to in a relaxed state, 25 minutes a day for a week. It gives you a method to control your hunger.
- The technology used is developed and based on well-known and tested methods in hypnotherapy explains Brömvik, a trained hypnotherapist and NLP coach.
When the method was tested in Sweden last fall 8 of 10 were satisfied with the result.
- The majority of the test panel also found the method useful even when not fasting, bringing calm and decreased hunger.

More information
If you would like more information about the method and how it works, please contact Ann-Marie Brömvik, e-mail.
The app 5:2 Hunger Control is available for iOS. Soon it will be released for Android. 

Facts about Hypnoteket
The company's business consists of app development and hypnosis therapy that helps clients with everything from weight loss and smoke cessation to handle phobias and depression. Hypnoteket is based in Skövde, Gothia Science Park.

Kort om Gothia Science Park
Gothia Science Park är en teknik- och forskningspark med IT-profil. Den består av verksamheter, processer, miljöer och individer. I vår innovationsmiljö växer företag snabbare och mer uthålligt vilket bidrar till såväl regional attraktivitet som regional tillväxt. GSP:s fokusområden är kopplade till Högskolan i Skövde med spets inom Simulering, Beslutsstöd samt Spel för underhållning och lärande.


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