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TeleNET selects Forsway's hybrid satellite technology for enhanced Internet connectivity in Sub Saharan Africa

Pressmeddelande   •   Jan 19, 2017 11:43 CET

After extensive technical evaluations and tests during 2016, TeleNET has selected Forsway Scandinavia AB's innovative Internet access solution combining satellite and cellular technologies.

TeleNet has furthermore selected one of the world's premier telecoms companies as their Sales, Distribution and Mobile partner. The service is brought to the market in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) using the combined distribution networks of TeleNET and their mobile partner.

Ilir Husic, TeleNE's CEO and Joseph Tshamala, COO, comment on the selection of Forsway:

- The service will provide an excellent opportunity for people, companies, governmental agencies and NGO's who are in areas with less-than-perfection mobile networks to enjoy broadband services at a reasonable cost.
- By partnering with global leaders in the mobile and satellite domains, as well as with Forsway, we feel that we have created a very solid team. 

From Forsway, Tobias Forsell, founder and CEO comments:

- We are very satisfied to have been included in this very competent team of top players. TeleNET, with their long experience from DTH and ICT services as well as a strong local network, is an ideal partner that have the skills and muscles to integrate and deliver an excellent service based on our plattform.

For further information, please contact Tobias Forsell,, +46709797052.

About Forsway
Forsway Scandinavia AB is a Swedish technology company focussing on innovative ways of deploying broadband services. With activities on five continents and mainly basing the solutions on combinations of satellite and exisiting terrestrial technologies, the company enables broadband services for the billions of people who still are struggling to get online. Forsway Scandinavia AB is one of the companies placed in Gothia Science Park. Read more about Forsway.

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Kort om Gothia Science Park

Gothia Science Park är en teknik- och forskningspark med IT-profil. Den består av individer, verksamheter, miljöer och processer. I vår innovationsmiljö växer företag snabbare och mer uthålligt vilket bidrar till såväl regional attraktivitet som regional tillväxt. Gothia Science Parks fokusområde är IT och kopplat till Högskolan i Skövde med spets inom Dataspel, Simulering, Beslutsstöd och Virtual Engineering. Gothia Science Park drivs och utvecklas av Gothia Innovation AB.

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