Masters Degree Project in cooperation with KTH

Nyheter   •   Sep 20, 2017 14:50 CEST

Door-Opening and its Contribution to the containment failures in hospital operating rooms (CFD)


Go Virtual receives Huawei’s Best Project Delivery Award for IT services

Pressmeddelanden   •   Aug 24, 2017 08:00 CEST

Go Virtual recently received Huawei’s Best Project Delivery Award for IT Services


Go Virtual attended Intelligent Light event on harnessing the power of HPC for CFD

Nyheter   •   Jun 20, 2017 15:32 CEST


A new version of Pointwise is released

Nyheter   •   Jun 14, 2017 15:56 CEST

FORT WORTH, TX (17 May 2017) – The latest release of Pointwise’s computational fluid dynamics (CFD) mesh generation software, while primarily a maintenance release, includes new graphics capabilities.


Go Virtual får utmärkelse i Tyskland

Pressmeddelanden   •   Apr 26, 2017 09:56 CEST

Go Virtual Tyskland har tilldelats utmärkelse som bästa partner på Huaweis Channel Conference i Frankfurt i Februari. Huawei är mycket nöjda med hur Go Virtual har uppnått banbrytande resultat inom den tyska fordonsindustrin och tyska forskningsinstitut.


Go Virtual hjälper Volkswagen med ny superdatorkraft till Island

Pressmeddelanden   •   Feb 21, 2017 08:30 CET

Go Virtual har lång erfarenhet av att hjälpa företag med sina digitala utvecklingsmiljöer genom skräddarsydda superdatorer och anpassad mjukvara. Nu är det senaste stora uppdraget i hamn – ett stort projekt för Volkswagen med utveckling och installation av ytterligare tre nya HPC-system till Island.


Go Virtual @SC’16, Nov 13 – 17 in Salt Lake City

Nyheter   •   Okt 25, 2016 14:38 CEST


The Pointwise User Group Meeting and Distributors Meeting 2016 will be held on 21-23 September in Fort Worth, Texas.

Nyheter   •   Sep 13, 2016 16:31 CEST


I’m Faranggis Bagheri and This Is How I Mesh

Blogginlägg   •   Sep 13, 2016 16:24 CEST


Take the opportunity to meet Intelligent Light and to participate at their seminar in Frankfurt, Germany, June 22

Nyheter   •   Maj 11, 2016 14:51 CEST

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Om Go Virtual Nordic

About Go Virtual

Go Virtual Nordic AB was founded in 2002 with the mission to supply virtual simulation technology to the market enabling customers to bring their innovative and customer focused designs faster, more accurate, and more cost effective to the market.

The founders of the company have long experience of virtual product development technology. Over the years Go Virtual has grown with more experienced employees ready to fulfill our customers needs within the areas of CAE IT/High Performance Computing Solutions and CFD Solutions.

Go Virtual is privately owned and is independent, both with regards to technology and finance, which creates a lot of opportunities. We are able to combine the best in class software and hardware technologies from different vendors to maximize the benefit for our customers.


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