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Grönt ljus för stevia i Europa

Pressmeddelanden   •   2011-11-14 17:17 CET

Snart kan svenska konsumenter välja ett naturligt och kalorifritt alternativ till socker och artificiella sötningsmedel. Steviolglykosider, som kommer från växten stevia, godkänns nu som sötningsmedel inom EU. Beslutet innebär att svenska konsumenter kan ta del av steviasötade produkter från den 2 december.


France and rest of Europe are preparing for stevia approval

Pressmeddelanden   •   2009-06-04 09:15 CEST

As pointed out by the global online newsmagazine Food Navigator, French Food and Beverage manufacturers are getting ready with their product formulations, to launch new stevia-sweetened products as soon as the approval is signed off, which is expected to happen this summer.


Norwegian newspaper DN Magasinet taking an interesting angle about the Swedish stevia producer Granular

Pressmeddelanden   •   2009-05-29 11:14 CEST

The Norwegian newspaper DN Magasinet has published a remarkably well-written article, named "Ulovlig søt", about the Swedish stevia producer Granular and its founder Carl Horn af Rantzien.


Stevia World 2009, May 14th & 15th - Update on the status of the European approval of stevia as a food additive

Pressmeddelanden   •   2009-05-13 09:31 CEST

Carl Horn af Rantzien, Director of Regulatory Affairs at the European Stevia Association (EUSTAS), has been invited to provide an update on the regulatory status of stevia in Europe. Stevia is a revolutionary natural and calorie-free sweetener.

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Inbjudan till seminarium med Carl Horn af Rantzien

Nyheter   •   2011-05-05 09:23 CEST

På måndagen delades Giraffpriset ut för första gången och priset gick till Carl Horn af Rantzien. Priset delas ut av SVN, Social Venture Network som också anordnar ett seminarium med Carl Horn af Rantzien.

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Article on Granular and its founder Carl Horn af Rantzien in the Norwegian newspaper DN Magasinet

The Norwegian newspaper DN Magasinet has published an remarkably well-written article, named Ulovlig søt”, about Granular and its founder Carl Horn af Rantzien. If you read Norwegian you will love it, if you don’t you’ll have fun all the same! Open the attached pdf to see for yourself.

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