Brazilian Presidential Elections: First impressions on security

News   •   Nov 02, 2018 14:27 CET

In the face of what is expected to be a time of uncertainty and stiff resistance as a result of the election outcome, security risks including political instability and civil unrest may well arise in the near future.

Tsunami in Sulawesi underscores weaknesses of disaster warning mechanism

News   •   Oct 10, 2018 18:32 CEST

The devastating tsunami in Sulawesi, Indonesia in late September has raised concerns regarding the state of the disaster warning system in the country.

September in Review

News   •   Sep 29, 2018 13:56 CEST

Our monthly analytical review of global events. Following are some of major events that have been dominating the headlines in the month of September.

GWS och SRS stödjer Unizon

Press releases   •   Sep 13, 2018 12:40 CEST

VD Andreas Rodman kommenterar Q2 Video

Press releases   •   Sep 10, 2018 09:12 CEST

Anti-immigrant sentiment on the rise in Germany amid unrest in Chemnitz

News   •   Sep 06, 2018 16:03 CEST

Moving forward, there is a likelihood of such protests becoming more common on the streets of Germany as the sentiment against migrants rises. The rivalries between pro- and anti-immigration movements at these rallies also have the potential to escalate into clashes as seen during the rallies in Chemnitz. GWS continues to monitor any potential unrest that might arise in Germany.

August in Review

News   •   Aug 31, 2018 11:35 CEST

Our monthly analytical review of global events. Following are some of major events that have been dominating the headlines in the month of August.

GWS Production AB (publ) publishes interim report for second (2) quarter 2018

Press releases   •   Aug 28, 2018 13:05 CEST

GWS recruit new Global Sales Director

Press releases   •   Aug 23, 2018 11:20 CEST

GWS rekryterar ny global försäljningschef

Press releases   •   Aug 23, 2018 11:17 CEST

About GWS Production AB

Global Warning System (GWS Production) offers a personal mobile safety and security app, Safeture that provides travelers with real time safety and security alerts.

About GWS Production AB
GWS was founded in 2009 following the experience of a global SARS epidemic, the Indian Ocean tsunami in 2004 and the terrorist attack in Mumbai. The company provides a mobile-based, personal security service to protect travelers by tracking in real time and providing information about disasters and other threats that may affect the traveler. Global Warning System consists of various services provided to the traveler's mobile phone:

• Country information is sent as soon as the user arrives in a new country. This includes current security-related country information, emergency numbers, recent threats and incidents, risk ratings, and general background information about that country.

• Security alerts are sent when an incident occurs that may affect the safety of the traveler. These messages are color-coded and contain important information about what has happened and how to act based on the incident.

• Tracking of the traveler can be displayed in real time on a map of detailed address. The system reports the user's position once per hour (once per minute for one hour if the traveler used the SOS button).

• SMS communication specially designed to improve the ability to communicate in malicious or congested mobile networks.

• SOS number is also easily accessible for immediate contact with local emergency numbers and - for corporate customers - Immediate contact with the internal security organization.

• Send position (feature) allows the system to know the exact location of the passenger at a certain time. In certain situations for instance loss of data connection, or in a case of a direct threat, it is important to be able to send exact position.


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