Volcano eruption in Bali

News   •   Dec 12, 2017 16:00 CET

The end of the year is usually a busy period for Bali as holidaymakers head to the Indonesian island for year-end vacations. However, the dream paradise destination turned into a nightmare, when the Mount Agung volcano erupted in late November, forcing hundreds of flights to be cancelled. More than 120,000 tourists are thought to have been affected by the volcanic eruption.


GWS receives SEK 3 million from Almi

Press Releases   •   Dec 08, 2017 08:05 CET

GWS Production AB in Lund has been granted a Business Loan from Almi amounting to SEK 3 million. The loan can be seen as part of a growing interest in GWS business and unique service to provide security for corporate employees, wherever they are.



News   •   Dec 06, 2017 15:30 CET

November was an eventful month and so we picked up on some of the global headlines to make a deeper analysis of the events.


GWS launches Chubb Travel Smart App

Press Releases   •   Dec 05, 2017 09:00 CET

Following the agreement between GWS and Chubb to develop and launch travel risk management services, GWS has launched Chubb´s Travel Smart App and System for travel risk management. The Travel Smart App is now available in both Android and iOS Stores for clients in Asia Pacific and EMEA region.


Humle Småbolagsfond investerar 5,2 miljoner i GWS Production AB

News   •   Nov 29, 2017 08:50 CET

Styrelsen för GWS Production AB (”GWS”) har med stöd av den extra bolagsstämman den 27 juni 2017, beslutat att utfärda 1 580 000 nya aktier i GWS till Humle Småbolagsfond via en teckningskurs om 3,29 kronor per aktie. ABG Sundal Collier har varit finansiell rådgivare i samband med nyemissionen.


Humle Småbolagsfond invests SEK 5.2 million in a private placement in GWS Production

Press Releases   •   Nov 29, 2017 08:50 CET

The board of directors of GWS Production AB (“GWS”) has, pursuant to the authorization from the extraordinary general meeting held on 27 June 2017, resolved to issue 1,580,000 new shares in GWS to Humle Småbolagsfond at a subscription price of SEK 3.29 per share. ABG Sundal Collier has been financial adviser in connection with the new issue.


Q3 kommentera video av GWS VD Andreas Rodman.

News   •   Nov 27, 2017 15:30 CET

Andreas Rodman berättar bland annat om vårt långsiktiga försäljningsarbete, tillväxten i Travelogix, satsningen på AI (artificiell intelligens) samt den fortsatta utvecklingen för GWS.


GWS Production AB (publ) publishes interim report for third (3) quarter 2017

Press Releases   •   Nov 24, 2017 10:05 CET

GWS Production AB (publ) (”GWS”) publishes report for the time period January 1st – September 30th 2017. The full report is available as an attachment below and on the company´s web page, www.globalwarningsystem.com


GWS tecknar avtal med Måns Zelmerlöws stiftelse

News   •   Nov 22, 2017 15:00 CET

Måns Zelmerlöw och Jonas Björkman väljer GWS resesäkerhetsapp Safeture Pro för att göra arbetet på fältet inom organisationen tryggare. Snabb och korrekt information kan vara avgörande när något händer.


Political uncertainty clouts over Zimbabwe amid possible end of Mugabe’s rule

News   •   Nov 21, 2017 17:00 CET

The crisis in Zimbabwe erupted when a power struggle between the president’s wife, Grace Mugabe and former Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa divided the ruling Zanu-PF party. The turning point of the feud occurred as Mugabe chose to back his wife by sacking Mnangagwa, resulting in dissatisfaction with the military, that later seized control in a bloodless takeover.

About GWS Production AB

Global Warning System (GWS Production) offers a personal mobile safety and security app, Safeture that provides travelers with real time safety and security alerts.

About GWS Production AB
GWS was founded in 2009 following the experience of a global SARS epidemic, the Indian Ocean tsunami in 2004 and the terrorist attack in Mumbai. The company provides a mobile-based, personal security service to protect travelers by tracking in real time and providing information about disasters and other threats that may affect the traveler. Global Warning System consists of various services provided to the traveler's mobile phone:

• Country information is sent as soon as the user arrives in a new country. This includes current security-related country information, emergency numbers, recent threats and incidents, risk ratings, and general background information about that country.

• Security alerts are sent when an incident occurs that may affect the safety of the traveler. These messages are color-coded and contain important information about what has happened and how to act based on the incident.

• Tracking of the traveler can be displayed in real time on a map of detailed address. The system reports the user's position once per hour (once per minute for one hour if the traveler used the SOS button).

• SMS communication specially designed to improve the ability to communicate in malicious or congested mobile networks.

• SOS number is also easily accessible for immediate contact with local emergency numbers and - for corporate customers - Immediate contact with the internal security organization.

• Send position (feature) allows the system to know the exact location of the passenger at a certain time. In certain situations for instance loss of data connection, or in a case of a direct threat, it is important to be able to send exact position.


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