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Vinnarna av Hack for Sweden 2018!

Pressmeddelande   •   Apr 16, 2018 11:56 CEST

Vinnarna av Hack for Sweden Award 2018, teamet "Momentum AI" med vinnande lösningen "Match Yourself", tar emot Hack for Sweden pokalen och hyllningar av publiken.

Vinnarna kommer få 40.000 SEK och en möjlighet till en plats på en innovationshub eller en co-working space hos en av våra event partners, förutsatt att de vill jobba vidare med sin vinnande lösning!

Se vår YouTubekanal för intervjuer med vinnarna:

The Hack for Sweden Award

Lösningen "Match Yourself" med team "Momentum AI"

Juryns motivering:

"They found a way to solve a big social problem and a big challenge and they did it by finding a way to quicker find the right job. They used innovative technology like machine learning and they did it with a unique combination of personality testing plus company culture."

Teammedlemmar: Eric Leijonmarck, Birger Moëll, Viktor Qvarfordt, Anton Osika

Best Visualization/Data analysis

Lösningen  "Biologg" med team "Overstellar"

Juryns motivering:

"By using existing needs and data from government agencies, adding engaging interfaces with gamification, taking it to the next level. Collecting information literally from the grassroots and aggregating to scientists and decision makers. With an innovative mindset and digital competence but also a strong focus on the relevant technologies - the nature itself is in 3D after all."

Teammedlemmar: Daniel Eriksson Anna-Karin Bergkvist
Sini Tinfors

Best use of Deep tech

"Resilient distributed crisis information" med team "None"

Juryns motivering:

“In the jury we have today seen a lot of different teams present different solutions on how to react in a crisis situation. The challenge is this; when crisis strikes the first thing that goes down is usually the networks. So for our Deep tech prize we have decided to focus on the team behind resilient distributed crisis information, that focus on infrastructure and standing the frictions of infrastructure."

Johan Dahlberg Robin Audeer
Steinar Stuflangsson

Best benefit for the public

Lösningen "Location rank" med team "Division by Zero"

Juryns motivering:

“There is a lot of ongoing debate in the world about the future of jobs. We stand before a divided, unsure and ever changing employment market. With this as backdrop, the winners of the Benefit for the Public Award want to make available a platform to nurture entrepreneurship and make it more possible to pursue and monetize everyone’s own personal dream.”

Ludvig Persson, Rafal Paliwoda, Anton Fenske

Participants Choice Award

Lösning "Delta" med team "Delta"

Vinnaren av omröstningen som skedde via mentimeter på plats a deltagarna i publiken, 266 röster totalt.

Teammedlemmar: Alexander Tuoma Jonas Valfridsson, Karl-Oskar Rikås, Emelie Lou-Lou Pei,
Isak Lindhé,Jesper Fridedors

Se bifogad PDF-fil där helgens programpunkter framgår, vilka utmaningar som fanns att välja på, vilka andra workshops och aktiviteter som ägde rum, samt presentation av jurymedlemmarna, m.m..

Hack for Sweden is an initiative to raise awareness and demonstrate the value of government agencies open data. It is a community consisting of over 30 government agencies and individuals who want to create sustainable impact with the tool of open data. An annual 48-hour hackathon is the core event of Hack for Sweden.

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