InstrumentChamp crowdfunding campaign: Now 82%

Blogginlägg   •   Dec 12, 2013 09:52 CET

Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way…christmas is around the corner and the christmas spirit is increasingly present around us. Don’t know if that is part of instrumentchamps success, but we are now up to 58% of the goal of raising SEK250.000 with equity crowdfunding.


InstrumentChamp Equity crowdfunding breakfast in Stockholm

Blogginlägg   •   Nov 28, 2013 17:20 CET

We launched the equity crowdfunding campaign just two weeks ago, and we have already reached 20%. I’m so happy about that, and we are thrilled to keep working hard to make the vision come true. Both fans and ambassadeurs are welcome to join us for the breakfast, but the music game night is exclusive for the SUP46 members

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Best of Slush13 - 6 personal highlights

Blogginlägg   •   Nov 18, 2013 14:31 CET

Lars Willner, founder of InstrumentChamp shares his 6 best personal highlights from Slush13 in Finland.

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InstrumentChamp respond to the Anonymous attack at GAMEX

Pressmeddelanden   •   Nov 02, 2012 12:14 CET

InstrumentChamp responds to Anonymous attack at GAMEX with a musical uprising!

Join the discussions live with InstrumentChamp at GAMEX in Stockholm (Stand B:02).

Leader of the musical uprising is Lars Willner, co-founder of InstrumentChamp. He says: 

"Fellow global citizens. Today I would like to speak to you about an attack and a threat to our community. All to often you hear about violence in homes, schools or in the streets. We believe the game industry is currently fostering, nurturing and rewarding violent behaviour! With great game alternatives, a generation can instead be inspired to have fun together with music!

We will not not surrender to acts of violence.
Let us inspire a generation to pick up music instead of guns.

Today we rise, rise up with guitars, drumsticks and flutes -
for an epic struggle against war games and violence! 
We will seek you out with music in every home, every school and every heart! 
There will be no escape and no surrender
The sound of uprising will echo in your ears.Join us and let´s play together!"

Background story: Thursday morning in Stockholm, InstrumentChamp was attacked by an anonymous group. This led to a bloody scene at GAMEX- one of the biggest video game events in Scandinavia. No one has claimed the responsibility for it, but it is believed to be an effect of someone taking a violent video game to seriously before GAMEX opened thursday morning. The message from InstrumentChamp to this has not been more war and violence, but more music and compassion!

InstrumentChamp was founded by the brothers Magnus and Lars Willner in 2011. The small team of seven got a base in Gothenburg, with team members in Norway, Israel, India and US. The vision is to make the world play music together instead of making war!

InstrumentChamp declares a musical war against war games and violence! We want to inspire a generation to pick up music instead of guns. All to often you hear about violence in homes, schools or in the streets. We believe the game industry is currently fostering, nurturing and rewarding violent behaviour!

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Anonymous attack on video game company

Pressmeddelanden   •   Nov 01, 2012 18:06 CET

Anonymous attacked the music video game developer InstrumentChamp at GAMEX in Stockholm, Sweden thursday morning. The exhibition stand was all bloody after the attack and the company had to cancel all activities for the day. Meausures are being taken to limit the damages. Nobody was hurt under the attack, says co-founder Lars Willner.


SVENSKA INSTRUMENTCHAMP TILL GAMEX - Nordens största dataspelsmässa!

Pressmeddelanden   •   Okt 31, 2012 21:27 CET

Svenska InstrumentChamp vill få fler att spela musik istället för krigsspel och tar upp kampen mot de stora dataspelsföretagen med ett nytt socialt musikspel. Nyligen kom ett genombrott i skolsektorn där spelet nu kommer användas som ett verktyg i musikundervisningen. Visionen är att få världen att spela musik tillsammans istället för att kriga!

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InstrumentChamp - Makes the world play music!

InstrumentChamp är det svenska dataspelet där du kan spela med riktiga musikinstrument. Välj själv om du vill spela trummor, gitarr eller piano! Spelet hjälper nybörjare att komma igång med sitt instrument antingen själv eller tillsammans med familj och vänner. Träning- och tävlingsfunktioner på olika nivåer gör spelet kul för både nybörjare och erfarna musiker. Musiker kan också enkelt ladda upp egenproducerad musik!

InstrumentChamp AB grundades hösten 2011 i Göteborg av de två musikintresserade entreprenörerna Magnus och Lars Willner. Det lilla teamet på sju personer bakom dataspelet har en bas i Göteborg, men utvalda experter deltar från Norge, Israel, Indien och USA. Visionen är att få världen att spela musik tillsammans istället för att kriga!


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