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Jørgen Lindegaard steps down as Group CEO of ISS

Pressmeddelande   •   Feb 02, 2010 13:34 CET

The Board of Directors has decided to appoint Jeff Gravenhorst (48) new Group CEO from 1 April 2010.


Chairman of the Board, Ole Andersen says, “Jørgen became Group CEO of ISS in August 2006. He has been very successful in changing and developing the organisation and the management structure, such that ISS now has a very broad and competent management group. Furthermore, Jørgen has steered ISS safely through a difficult time and increased the company’s focus on operational excellence, through the implementation of the strategy plan ‘The ISS Way’, and by creating a new global organisation focussed on large international customers. Thus, he is leaving an ISS which is well positioned for profitable growth. I look forward to continuing the successful cooperation with Jørgen when he joins the Board of Directors.”


Jeff Gravenhorst’s career with ISS began in April 2002 as CFO for ISS in the UK. In October 2005 he was promoted to Group CFO and became a member of the Executive Group Management and in April 2008 he became Group COO.  


Chairman of the Board, Ole Andersen says, “Jeff has a deep and thorough knowledge of the service industry in general and of ISS’ operations in particular. He has played a very important role in the development and implementation of ‘The ISS Way’, and I am convinced that Jeff is the right person to lead the ISS Group and realise its considerable existing potential for growth and value creation.”


Jørgen Lindegaard says, “ISS is a fantastic company, and I am proud of my years as CEO of the company. The global financial crises made it necessary to streamline our operations further after many years with a very high level of acquisitions. We have done so through the implementation of ‘The ISS Way’ strategy and I look forward to continuing the value creation as a member of the Board of Directors. Jeff and I have worked closely together and I am certain that Jeff is the best qualified and the right successor. Therefore it is with great pleasure that I pass the torch on to him.”


Jeff Gravenhorst says, “ISS is standing on a very strong foundation, which I look forward to continue building on. During the next couple of years we will continue our current strategy of utilising the platform we have created, focusing on international customers and further developing our sales competencies. It is going to be a very exciting journey, which ISS is well prepared for, and which I am proud to be leading soon.



For further information, please contact:


Ole Andersen

Chairman of the Board of Directors

Tel. + 45 38 17 00 00


Jørgen Lindegaard

Group CEO

Tel: +45 38 17 00 00


Jeff Gravenhorst

Group COO (future Group CEO)

Tel. +45 38 17 00 00



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