Kodiak Rating tar in 12 miljoner - siktar på internationell expansion

Press Releases   •   Apr 19, 2018 10:00 CEST

Svenska tech-startupen Kodiak Rating, grundad av Malin Schmidt, har precis avslutat sin första investeringsrunda där de tar in 12 miljoner från Stefan Bengtssons Race Craft Holding och en av de befintliga ägarna Anders Eriksson. Även SaaS-investeraren Johan Crona deltar i rundan. Kapitalet ska möjliggöra fortsatt expansion, med särskilt fokus på den europeiska marknaden.


Indirect vs. Direct Procurement: Is one more important than the other?

Blog posts   •   Apr 18, 2018 11:28 CEST

Procurement is a complex business function, nuanced from organization to organization, and unconsciously tied to many facets of a company’s corporate structure. Revenue, cost, and production are direct results from procurement actions.


Global Apparel Brands focus on Supply Chain optimization to enhance brand value.

News   •   Apr 09, 2018 10:00 CEST

In order to close the gap of competitiveness, brands vying for that number one spot as the top global apparel brand – Adidas, H&M and Zara – are working heavily with supply chain optimization.


3 Keys for Enhancing your Strategic Sourcing.

Blog posts   •   Apr 05, 2018 10:00 CEST

Strategic Sourcing is a procurement strategy for value creation within purchasing processes, focused on building mutually beneficial results for all parties involved.


Is your Hospital treating you with Expired Products?

News   •   Apr 03, 2018 10:13 CEST

Shocking results from the survey of surgical staff and hospital supply chain management operators revealed the true inadequacy of SCM systems in place. Whether this is an issue of financial troubles, or just a mere lack of technological solutions, a change must be made to ensure the safety of current and future patients.


The Supply Chain Gender Gap: You're not hiring the most talented professionals.

Blog posts   •   Mar 29, 2018 09:40 CEST

From a survey by Procurement Leaders this year, it was found that only 10% of the most senior supply chain management roles are filled by women; meaning there is a 9 to 1 imbalance of men to women in executive SCM roles (Forbes 2017).


The War on Water could be a Supply Chain matter.

News   •   Mar 26, 2018 10:29 CEST

It is widely known that the 21st century could be a defining time period in the fight for clean water globally. Supply chain risk management, and supply chain sustainability initiatives, could make a large impact on easing future conflicts regarding the scarcity of global water resources.


Is your Supply Chain still living in Excell Hell?

Blog posts   •   Mar 23, 2018 15:51 CET

In an article from 2010, it was found that approx. 81% of businesses use Excel spreadsheets (Forrester Research). This percentage doesn’t really surprise me. The functionality of Excel spreadsheets is straightforward, one of the most common ways to try and keep document management organized, and widely used/comprehended by computer users.


8 Supply Chain Trends changing your Business in 2018!

News   •   Mar 19, 2018 10:00 CET

In an ever-changing business landscape, it's not always so easy to stay ahead of the trends! Don't you sweat it, Kodiak Rating has got it covered. Download the eBook for free, today, and gain the knowledge you need to stay one step ahead of the coming disruption!


The Facts and Myths of Procurement (Part 1)

Blog posts   •   Mar 16, 2018 10:00 CET

​There’s a lot of noise out there. I’ve read the headlines and listened to the noise long enough. Now it’s time to pop in my earplugs and see the world through my own eyes. I hope you can gain something from joining in on my point-of-view, supported by the 2018 Global CPO Survey by Deloitte.

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