Liseberg builds new Dark Ride for 2020

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Liseberg builds new Dark Ride for 2020

In November, Liseberg announced that Kaninlandet (the Rabbit Land) – Liseberg’s children’s area – would be expanded in 2020. Today, Liseberg proudly presents Underland – the underground world of the rabbits – a major new family Dark Ride, as part of this expansion.

The Dark Ride will take guests underground to experience the rabbits’ secret world, and will be the largest investment in the family segment since Liseberg built the Rabbit Land in 2013.

In total, SEK 200 million will be invested in the children’s area in 2020 and the largest part, SEK 150 million, will be spent on this new Dark Ride. The Dark Ride will be located where the Children’s Theatre previously was located, and will take visitors through a number of fantastical environments.

“Since the Rabbit Land was built in 2013, our guests have got to know the characters above ground. What the rabbits have done underground have been a secret – until now”, says David Schofield, Creative Director at Liseberg.

Underland will be the 14th attraction in the children’s area and first Dark Ride that Liseberg has built in more than 40 years.

“With the introduction of Valkyria in 2018, we had to remove an old children’s Dark Ride, Sagoslottet (the Fairy tale castle). We promised our guests that we would replace this with something bigger and better. That's what we are doing now. With the new Dark Ride Underland we will set new standards for this type of experience in Sweden, ”says Andreas Andersen, CEO & President at Liseberg.

The first rides on Underland will take place in connection with Liseberg's spring premiere in 2020.

About the attraction Underland
Type of attraction: Dark Ride
Budget: 150 million
Concept: Liseberg and Quarry Fold Studio (England)
Ride system: Gosetto SRL (Italy)
Theming: P&P Projects (The Netherlands)
Animatronics: Lifeformations

Technical Specifications
Length & vehicle: 190 meters, 18 Vehicles
Travel time: 3 min, 20 s
Manufacturer: Gosetto SRL
Year of manufacture: 2020
Number of occupants: 4 passengers / vehicle
Speed: 4km / h
Capacity: 850 pers / hour




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Andreas Andersen

Andreas Andersen

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