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Meet Lars Pedersen

Blogginlägg   •   Jun 01, 2016 16:09 CEST

Meet Lars Pedersen, Product Manager Denmark, and see what he has to say about his job at Monier!

“I have been at Monier since 2005. The position I was applying for when I first started was a position as Senior Technical Consultant. The job seemed interesting because it contained opportunities for personal developing combined with interesting responsibilities. Furthermore, I achieved the possibility to work across borders.

Most of my days are quite unique, I am simply not able to describe a regular day for me. Over the year I am involved in projects such as price list, products launches, fair, education and publication of technical papers. Depending of the time of the year, a regular day can contain; task regarding product assortment, participating in meetings, or visits at workshops for product development, services or solutions, telephone calls with customers or other interests for exchanging of knowhow, visiting building sites or visiting customers for exchanging knowledge.

The best thing about my job is when I get the feeling that I have succeeded helping customers over a hurdle. This feeling often appears in situations directly with the customer, but can also appear by developing offers which really helps the customers. My conviction is that satisfied customers are the long term key to success.

If I was to describe Monier, I would say it is a company with a high integrity. We try hard to make a difference for our customers. I am proud to be an employee in a company which focus on health and safety, and where health and safety is more important than productivity.

I will always recommend others to apply for positions at Monier.”

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