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Meet Maria Brøndum

Blogginlägg   •   Maj 01, 2016 16:00 CEST

Meet Maria Brøndum, and read what she has to say about her job as a Customer Service Representative at Monier in Denmark!

Maria started working at Monier after finishing her studies for a PBA in International Sales and Marketing in 2014.

"A regular day for me starts around 7:45 to be sure I‘m ready for 8 o’clock when the customers start calling. Checking mails and eventually follow up from the day before.
Every day has the same routines, but the content always differ. Each customer has a unique situation and it demands a unique problem solving every time.

I really like the various types of tasks during a day and the teamwork we have in Customer Service. Even though I've worked here for two years, I still enjoy my colleagues expertise every day - always ready to help and explain when needed.
I love the teamwork and the happy moments between phone calls when there’s time for a joke or two."

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