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IBC Robotics receives finacial support and Johan Beskow is appointed as new CEO

Nyhet   •  Aug 07, 2012 12:24 CEST

IBC Robotics has received financial support from the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth.

The support, given within the program “Miljödriven Tillväxt 2012″, is aiming towards Swedish small and medium sized companies to improve their competitiveness, develop their business and increase their sales of goods and services on the environmentally driven markets.

More information aboout the Swedish Agency for Economic and regional growth is to be found here:

Johan Beskow is appointed as new CEO for IBC Robotics and will start his work august 6th. Johan Beskow comes from SenseGraphics AB where he was co-founder and worked as sales and hardware manager for the company. Johan started his career at ABB Robotics in Västerås where he worked primarily with the automotive industry as design responsible for the heavy duty robots.

As CEO for IBC Robotics, Johan will manage the market introduction of the IBC Robotics product IBA.

For more information please contact IBC Robotics CEO Johan Beskow:
Phone: +46762099221

IBC Robotics är ett innovativt svenskt företag som arbetar med miljövänlig blästring med torr-is. Företaget är etablerade på Munktell Science Park och verksamma i Skandinavien. IBC Robotics har även ett försäljningskontor i Dubai där de marknadsför automatiserad blästring och maskinförsäljning.

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