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Najell Revolutionizes Baby Carriers with Baby Carrier Omni

Pressmeddelande   •   Sep 09, 2016 09:32 CEST

Sweden has a lot of heritage regarding innovative baby products and especially in the baby carryingsector. Najell is a young company who iscarrying that heritage to 21stCentury. Najell,wholast yearpresented the innovative SleepCarrier,will this year atKind und Jugend present the revolutionary babycarrier Omni. Najell will be presenting at Kind und Jugend inhall 10:2 booth A059.

“We are very excited to be able to start showing Omni to the world at this years Kind und Jugend.”–says Niklas Najafi founder of Najell.
Omni is the first infant baby carrier that combines the two biggest movementswithin the babycarrying sector into one product. Omni is first and foremost a hip seat that allows superb weightdistribution tothe carriers hips. There is no better way of distributing the baby’s weight fortheshoulders than a hip seat.
What makes Omni special is that it also has an infant position where the baby is in an ergonomic frogposition that the Hip Dysplasia Institute recommends for hip healthy babies. There is no need for anyinserts or added products. The Omni allows for both these positions right out of the box.
“We plan to start shipping to international customers during the winterof 2016/2017.”–Niklasexplains.
This is right in line with the Najell vision of bringing family oriented innovation to make life easier forthe urban modern family. Multi-functionality combined with stylish design is at core for Najell and thedesign team. 

Najell AB är ett familjeföretag som utvecklar produkter för föräldrar med en ungdomlig livsstil. Våra produkter ger nyblivna föräldrar möjlighet att träffa vänner, resa och fortsätta upptäcka världen med er nya familjemedlem som en till resenär med på äventyret.

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