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Torsdagskväll: Att vara kvinna och skulptör under 1800 talet – en symbol för gränsöverskridande


Nationalmuseum, Södra Blasieholmshamnen, Stockholm. Södra ljusgården på entréplan.

Professor Dr. Marjan Sterckx från universitetet i Gent föreläser på temat "Being sculptor and woman in Europe in the long 19th century: ‘a symbol of frontiers crossed’".

This lecture aims to sketch an historical and theoretical framework concerning women sculptors in 19th-century Europe, esp. Western Europe. After a brief outline of research into this topic in the last decades, an overview of western-European women sculptors will be provided, from the pioneers in the late 18th century to their breakthrough in the late 19th century. While doing so, matters such as training, mobility, professionalism, living and working conditions, authorship, collaboration, commissions, the body, materials and techniques, scale and iconography, reception and representation, will be touched upon.

Föreläsningen hålls på engelska. 

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