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14% (71 million) of Europeans use the internet on their mobile phone or PDA in a typical week.

Nyhet   •   Mar 02, 2011 12:08 CET

With these European mobile internet users spending almost an hour a day online via their mobile (6.4 hours per week), ‘internet‐on‐the‐move’ is proving a more frequent pastime amongst mobile internet users than reading newspapers (4.6 hours) or magazines (4.2 hours).

It is the younger generation of early adopters that is driving mobile internet use with almosta quarter (24%) of 16‐24 year olds and 21% of 25‐34 year olds already using the mobileinternet, spending 7.2 and 6.6 hours on it respectively online via their mobile phones each week... 

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EIAA European Mobile Internet Use, January 2011