VSPT Wine Group

2013 års skörderapport från VSPT Wine Group: “Fem säsonger av lärande"

Nyhet   •   Aug 22, 2013 14:38 CEST

This season, the diverse valleys displayed certain shared characteristics, including a delay in grape ripening, which produced fresher, fruitier wines with lower alcohol content, especially in the case of the white grape varieties.

Spring rains forced us to work quickly in the fields in order to avoid significant plant health problems, although we were not completely spared such issues.

In general, the total volume of grapes harvested exceeded both last year’s yield as well as average yields, increasing by 10% compared to the previous season.

Despite this increase, the quality of the grapes harvested met our expectations. The grapes for our top-ofthe-range wines in particular are of excellent quality.

We ended the harvest season slightly later than in previous years, which required a strong effort by the entire team, but we are confident that this hard work will be rewarded with excellent results.

During these past few years, we have gained invaluable knowledge and experience, allowing us to strengthen our teams and to continue working every day to improve the quality of our wines.

Marco Puyo

Chief Winemaker VSPT Wine Group