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A new era for Maingate!

News   •   Mar 28, 2012 09:00 CEST

Sitting here after a hectic period where the outcome is that Maingate now can add LTD after its name. Yes, we have entered the UK market and after a few days in London informing key relations of the plan we have received great feedback. The office is located in central London and we are probably having the first employee ready within days…

After the last few days I feel that we are welcomed with opened arms by the Utility industry and several of them have initiated discussion with Maingate to see how Maingate can contribute in their quest to meet regulatory challenges and at the same time focus on innovations together with us.

In addition we have several upcoming discussions with other industrial segments that wants to know what we can do for them in their quest to increase their innovations and improve their businesses. I simply love the UK, and if I am not completely wrong the UK loves Maingate!

If you want to meet us our address is:

Maingate LTD, 259-269 Old Marylebone Road, London NW1 5RA

Welcome to our new office!

Since we expect to be at customer sites most of the times please let us know prior to your visit.