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A new, free guide for Dubrovnik and Split

Nyhet   •   Aug 08, 2012 11:02 CEST

New, free editions of "Split and Dubrovnik in Your Pocket" and "Mini-Guide" can be found in tourist offices and information points in Split and Dubrovnik, as well as in their counties, hotels, hostels and travel agencies. They can also be downloaded for free from or browsed through by smart phone applications.

On more than 80 pages, they bring many interesting summer topics to all readers and visitors, from various cultural and entertainment events, gastronomy, sporting activities such as hiking, cycling, free climbing, big game fishing, opulent shopping lists and interesting articles on "Diving in the Adriatic ", as well as a report about Makarska Riviera in the Split issue.

In Your Pocket, a European publisher of well known tourist magazines in English, has been published in Europe for the past 20 years, covers around 25 countries and is among the top ten editions in the category "Best Travel Guide Publisher".

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