Project Playground

Ambassador Of The Month April 2014 – Caroline Winberg

Nyhet   •   Maj 09, 2014 11:12 CEST

We got contacted by Top Model a while ago, they wanted to record an episode at Project Playground. We said yes. What we had no idea about at that point were that we would get a new wonderful member to our Project Playground family. Caroline Winberg, host of the show, asked if she could come back and work for us and once more we said yes. She has a powerful life story; starting to work as an international model at a very young age and have been traveling around the world ever since. The experience and knowledge she has of self-esteem, temptations in life, the importance of beauty from within, independency and being street-smart is worth so much in the communication with the young girls at Project Playground. Caroline stayed for a couple of weeks and where deeply dedicated and genuine in her work with the children and youth. Luckily, her journey with us didn’t stop here –  she is now involved in getting one of our teams to Gothia Cup this summer. All by her own dedication. We welcome Caroline to our beloved family!

1. What made you wanna come back to Project Playground and do more?

My first visit to Project Playground in January brought out both so much joy and so much sadness in me. I had to step outside PPG around 10 times that day during filming to cry. The kids were so happy to have us there, so happy to play with us, dance, sing and play soccer. But at the same time so many of them had so many sad stories, HIV, rape, fetal alcohol syndrome from birth and of course poverty. On the way home that day I decided that I wanted to come back and help. I e-mailed Frida and thankfully she agreed to have me

2. You have touched many at Project Playground, but has it changed you in any way?

I came to Langa to teach the girls about being an independent woman and that beauty comes from within. Now when I’m back I think I’m probably the one that learnt the most during my visit there. In my normal job I get judged everyday on the way I look, if I’m skinny enough, wear nice clothes etc. It was nice to be in a environment where people like you for who you are on the inside and not based on materialistic things. After PPG I feel like little, silly things doesn’t bother me anymore cause I have seen how things are when they are really bad and I shouldn’t complain at all.

3. You had discussions with the young girls at Project Playground about self-esteem and life in general – What do you think is the biggest challenge for the youth in Langa?

The children in Langa are very ambitious, the teenagers study hard, everyone takes both dance, sport and their education very serious. I think they know that’s their only way getting out of the townships and maybe and hopefully out in the world. The biggest challenge for them is probably not having educated parents who can support their studying and they don’t have many role models to look up to. It’s hard to succeed and stay on track without a support system around you.