Project Playground

Ambassador Of The Month December 2013 – Linnea Frank

Nyhet   •   Dec 21, 2013 12:29 CET

With her great talent in photography she has helped us in several ways during Project Playground lifetime. She has been an important part of our puzzle – she gives you, the viewer, an insight to Project Playground through her photos and films. Linnea Frank has donated her beautiful pictures and canvases to our auctions, she made our official film and you can find her powerful and inspiring phone case in our web shop where every little penny of the profit goes to our work. She is warm hearted, hardworking and such a vibrant person and we are deeply thankful for her true engagement for us!

1. You have helped us in many ways the past years, can you explain the feeling you get by doing awesome things for others?

It’s the best feeling you can get! Everyone who has done something nice for others knows the feeling, you just smile inside and out!!!

2. What have your visits to Project Playground in Langa taught you?

It have taught me about life! After a visit in Langa you change as a person, you feel ashamed for you last big problem in life – like, your iphone only has 15 % battery, the internet is down, you ’re stuck in traffic or when instagram is overloaded on new year’s eve so you just can’t upload that smashing picture of yourself!
Project Playground is a happy place to come to and you always feel welcome, the children and the staff are amazing, you just want to stay there – you get the insight and the feeling of wanting to do so much more!

3. Tell us about your favorite memory/moment from Project Playground?

I have caught some amazing moments, faces, thoughtfulness and laughter at Project Playground so I can’t actually just say one moment. I have thousands of amazing memories in my photographs and my films from PPG. But in general, when you come to Project Playground and all the children just jumps in to your arms with a big smile, that’s amazing!