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Anti-fatigue mats, ergonomics and productivity

Nyhet   •   Okt 07, 2010 16:08 CEST

Creating an ergonomic work environment starts with Anti-fatigue or Workplace mats.

Sales of anti-fatigue mats or workplace mats have increased. With respect to the increase in sales, this follows the business trend today to invest in ergonomics and a better work environment - a strategy to increase employee productivity.

Businesses are investing in improving and keeping the employees’ health and well-being. A lot of companies, both large and small, are steadily making better policies relating to work environment. Safety and health is a hot subject in today's business. “Orders for this anti-fatigue mats have been somewhat unraffled. That is why the increased demand for anti-fatigue or workplace mats were to us a positive surprise.” as stated by Ryan Eriksson, Marketing and Sales Manager for ProQure.

A minor change like anti-fatigue mats in the workplace can increase staff morale, increase productivity and makes the workplace safer for all concerned. “Most of our customers who contacted us are one way or another involved with their company's EHS (Environment, Health & Safety). These persons are actively working for and are keen on the employees’ well-being." Ryan adds.

The secret of anti-fatigue mats is that they turn all types of hard flooring surface softer. It reduces as well strains on employee’s back and legs. Anti-fatigue mats are also anti-static and minimize risk of slipping.

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