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.ASIA launch

Nyhet   •   Jul 05, 2007 11:43 CEST

The new .asia top level domain is designed to give businesses and organisations in asia an alternative to the .com TLD. With over 409 million internet users in Asia compared to 319 million european internet users the .asia top level domain is likely to become one of the largest top level domains in the world.

Registration of .asia domains will be done in 3 phases to prevent cybersquatting:

  • October 9: Companies with registered trademarks will be able to apply for their protected names.
  • November 13: Companies with trademarks will be invited to secure additional domains that are related to their businesses. Companies in asia will be able to register their company names wheter they are trademarked or not.
  • February 2008: .asia opens for public registration.

We will update our pages with more information about the .asia launch as it becomes available.

Welcome to soon register .ASIA domains at NameISP!