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Award Event in London challenges corporations to put water and food security central to mission

News   •   May 31, 2014 12:55 CEST

An event kicking off on 18th June in London called the Water and Food Award, is calling on corporations to cooperate with NGOs to address the growing water and food security problems in developed and developing countries. And these problems are made worse by climate change - and every time the accelerator is pushed on a petrol or diesel driven vehicle.

Despite calls for corporations to get involved, the Award is celebrating grass-roots initiatives and praising local initiatives like the Transition Movement and Local economy development as the current drivers of this essential change.

The event promises to create impact worldwide, celebrating initiatives from the US, African and Indian continents and being televised through some 2000 networks.

A new edition of the strategic newsletter SIGNALS OF CHANGE also underlying the importance of water and food security as economists like Thomas Piketty are pointing out that capitalism - the very powerhouse of western economic development - is actually creating huge differences in standards between people.

Supported by many small consultancies like Stephen Hinton consulting, the Water and Food Award has been slowly growing since its start in Copenhagen in 2009.

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