Beauty blogger Charlotte Thorpegaard about SLOWFASHIONhouse:

Nyhet   •   Jan 21, 2010 09:33 CET

After visiting our beauty department, Charlotte Torpegaard wrote:

Recently I read an article about the 'anti-big' being the fact that we really no longer wish to buy statusitems or a new car when the old one is still running. What we want to buy are products that are authentic,and will make us more relaxed. Give us peace of mind. I came to think of this article when I was introducedto the new Bathroom concept of SLOWFASHIONhouse. It could easily be your own bathroom (well okay,maybe a bit more beautifully designed. After all, there are fewer limits in cyberspace), where you keepyour beauty treasures and personal must haves. The products that you never live without. The nail filethat someone told you would work and it did. The perfume that brings you right back in time every timeyou put it on. The lip balm that you simply know will work for you and the organic bubble bath that youindulge yourself in every Sunday. We all know it's a beauty jungle out there, and I love the fact thatevery single beauty product in Bathroom has been carefully selected to really practice what it preaches.

My bathroom favourites are:

Ineke Deluxe Sample Collection. I love to have a perfume wardrobe to choose from, and Ineke’s perfumes have that old time poetry feeling about them that you don’t find that often anymore.

Oromi Theraphy Heaven Hand Soap t just has the most beautiful smell in the world. Really, it’s heaven!

Herôme Nail Polish Remover id you know that this cult nail polish remover is perfect to cleanse your favourite YSL lacquer clutch? It works great or nails, too.

Blax Hair Elastics smply the best hair elastic out there, and essential if you wish to copy the spring season’s beautiful braids

Avivir Drinking Aloe VeraA daily aloe vera shot is the best investment in your skin. It is no wonder that fashion editors and Hollywood stars ave all gone on the aloe bandwagon.

EO Bubble Bath, bubble baths are so underestimated. This one brings the fun of beauty right back in your life. And it is organic!

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