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Nyhet   •   Apr 22, 2013 13:53 CEST

PDF på svaren från 83 franchisegivare världen över.

The Franchise Research Institute

® sent a study solicitation notification to all one-hundred two (102) Color Glo International franchise owners. The study was completed in December 2012. Color Glo International personnel gave franchisee contact information to the Franchise Research Institute. The notification included the URL (web address) of the Franchise Research Institute franchisee satisfaction online survey as well as a numeric "pass code" to insure no duplication of responses.

Franchise owners were encouraged by Color Glo International and by the Franchise Research Institute to complete the survey, and were assured that their individual responses to the questionnaire would never be revealed to anyone outside of the Franchise Research Institute (including Color Glo International management).

Franchisees logged on to the online survey questionnaire, entered their individual "pass code," completed and submitted the survey. Eighty three (83) of the one-hundred two (102) total franchisees, or 81.3%, responded and took the survey. The Franchise Research Institute has no reason to believe that non-respondents answers would vary substantially from those respondents.

The maximum error range on this study is plus or minus ( ±) 2.8% at the ninety-five percent confidence level.