Connect2Capital Welcomes Nasdaq

News   •   Nov 11, 2016 17:36 CET

We are proud to have Nasdaq as one of our partners for Connect2Capital next year. Today we interviewed Niclas Holmberg, Managing Director of Global Listing Services. Let’s take a look at Niclas’s thoughts on C2C and the business climate in West Sweden:

Why did Nasdaq choose to be a partner for Connect2Capital?

As an exchange, one of our most important tasks is to help companies raise growth capital. It is therefore important for us to get an understanding of how we can help companies at an early stage, and subsequently adapt our listings offering to them rather than the opposite. Supporting Connect2Capital was therefore a natural choice for us: we consider it a perfect platform where we can meet both growth companies and investors, and thus get a better understanding of how Nasdaq can support them.

Do you think the business climate in the Nordics, west Sweden specifically has changed over the past decade?

I am excited to see the fantastic activity in Gothenburg and West Sweden. New promising companies seem to pop up every week, with recently Nasdaq listed Cellink as a good example. The startup scene is getting really exciting in Gothenburg and I expect that it will continue to deliver. There is a good collaboration between different stakeholders and there are good networking forums where founders and investors can inspire each other and cross-sell ideas.

What’s the goal at Nasdaq to help put Swedish companies on the map?

Nasdaq Stockholm has helped companies raise growth capital for more than 150 years, and the majority of all large, Swedish multinational companies have made their growth journey as publicly listed companies. We have a range of ongoing initiatives aiming to support startups, from our involvement in events such as SLUSH and Stockholm Tech Fest here in the Nordics to our Entrepreneurial Center in San Francisco, and our ambition is to continue to support SMEs with the visibility and infrastructure needed to thrive.

Have you been to Connect2Capital? If so what was your favorite part? If not, what do you look forward to most?

I joined Nasdaq in April this year so have not had the opportunity to visit the event yet – but I can’t wait to do it this year. My colleagues did however attend the event last year, and were impressed by the mix of relevant people, the topics brought up, pitches and excellent networking opportunities. The format and size really seems to enable excellent networking opportunities.

How do you think the business climate in Sweden could improve?

A strong climate for startups and SMEs requires collaboration between different stakeholders. We are actively working with banks, financial advisors and various investors to build an eco-system where we all support these companies in different stages of their growth. I think the record numbers of new listings in Stockholm confirms that the environment we have created works, and we will continue to work with all our stakeholders to create an even stronger growth climate for these companies.

By: Ariel Kramer