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Croatian writers in foreign languages for tourists

Nyhet   •   Jul 19, 2012 10:24 CEST

place: Croatia
organiser: V.B.Z.

Croatian publisher, bookseller and distributor VBZ has announced a new project entitled "Croatian writers in foreign languages", aimed at promoting Croatian culture through literature to the foreign tourist market.

Although every year through the summer months millions of foreign tourists visit Croatia, up until now there has not been an opportunity to purchase books from Croatian writers in english or any other foreign language. VBZ has decided to act on that and their aim is to offer tourists the best in classical and contemporary Croatian books.

"When you go to Vienna you can find Gustav Klimt everywhere, in Dublin they even organise a tour of the city in the footsteps of Leopold Bloom from Joyce's 'Ulysses', here there is nothing like that, so we decided that every year before summer we will publish a series of books from local authors in English," said Drago Glamuzina from VBZ.

(Source: Croatian Times)