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Culinare Exquisite Foods om det framgångsrika användandet av Torus Pak systemet

Nyhet   •   Maj 26, 2014 10:32 CEST

Culinare Exquisite Foods was founded in 2012 in Lancashire. The company was originally built around the unique market offer of chilled sandwiches with 21 days shelf life.

-The extended shelf life delivered not only a point of difference to the retailer, but significantly added value by minimising the wastage factor, says Peter Kitchener, Managing Director at Culinare Exquisite Foods.
Quite soon, Culinare came across Torus Pak® and the focus shifted to ensure we are at the forefront of development, striving to increase our market share today. Culinare has now a range of Torus Pak® plated meals, sandwiches and hot snacks.
- Having spent much of my career on the other side of the fence, I could quickly see the benefits that Torus Pak® delivered from an end-user’s perspective. For the future success, it was vital that Torus Pak® became an integral part of Culinare’s development. With Torus Pak® we have ensured that we can stay one step ahead of our competitors, Peter Kitchener continues.

Torus Pak & Culinare are now looking forward to working closer together and growing a successful partnership.
The future looks bright for Culinare Exquisite Foods and the company is now further developing it’s range of Torus Pak® plated meals.
- Sales are continuosly going in the right direction. Our growing product range is a part of the vision to ”redefine dining”, Peter Kitchener concludes with an invigorating smile.

Culinare Exquisite Foods is a Lancashire-based manufacturing company that produces meal solutions using innovative packaging. Culinare offers culinary venues, restaurants, hotels, pubs and catering companies exciting new menu ideas with the Torus Pak® packaging. The offer extends to a wide range of hot snacks and long-life sandwiches.
For more information contact:
Karoline Goldberg, Torus Pak, +46 (0)725602260.
Peter Kitchener, CCP001 ulinare ExquisiteFoods, +44(0)7799228914