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Danish Delight For ProQures Entrance Mats and Logo Mats

Nyhet   •   Feb 24, 2010 16:39 CET

ProQure has managed to successfully market to our Danish customers concerning their mat service & entrance mats.

This is due to better prices, more flexible contracts & more personalized service - a business idea which clearly also works on the other side of the strait.

Like the incoming surge of delegates from COP15 in Copenhagen, Denmark during December of 2009, Danish customers flowed into our customer base in recent weeks.

This is a good sign in increasing ProQures continental presence and image.

Because of Malmoes's strategic location, ProQure has also been enjoying the advantage of living closer to continental Europe. What we call the "Oresund effect" is clearly evident when ProQure received customers from Tivoli (the main entertainment venue in Copenhagen), a number of interest groups in the city as well as various companies offering supplementary services in central Copenhagen. The management of ProQure were of course curious where the danish customers heard about the company - "Recommendations from friends and business partners" were the most common answer.

ProQure is extremely pleased to capture the Danes delight for ProQures entrance mats & mat service. It is best that ProQure could offer them better prices without compensating for the quality of the mats and the service.

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ProQure offers affordable & environmental friendly entrance mats & matting service of superior quality with customers in the whole of Sweden and in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Choose from different entrance mats such as standard textile mats, logo mats, red VIP carpets & scraper mats. We also offer anti-fatigue mats & hallway mats.

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