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Did you know… that Marrakech is a bastion of Berber culture?

Nyhet   •   Maj 22, 2014 15:24 CEST

A bastion of Berber culture

‘Marrakech is not only a fantastic city, it is also a symbol of the Morocco that once was, and which still survives. To understand Marrakech you must know that it never has been Arabic, always Berber. While Arabs and Berbers mingle in most parts of Morocco, Marrakech remains a bastion of Berber culture. Its position has been strong for such a long period, that it is from 'Marrakech' that 'Morocco' is derived. Marrakech is situated close to the Atlas mountains , and on most days you can see blue mountains covered with snow over the rooftops. The setting of Marrakech is splendid, the city exceptionally beautiful, and the liveliness almost never ending.’

Stay in a Swedish owned riad in the very center of Marrakech
Origin Hotels is a new kind of design hotel, made to bring you as a guests a step closer to the country you are visiting. 

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Quote above from Swiss freelance photographer Cherie Faiella

Caption: Berber show at Jemaa el Fnaa. Photo: Peter Cordén.