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Dr. Theodora Pepera helping Ghana cope with cancer

News   •   Nov 18, 2016 14:50 CET

Dr. Theodora Pepera born in beautiful Ghana, she is a British-based Ghanaian consultant gynaecologist, who is helping Ghana develop its cervical cancer screening programme. 

BBC News 25 November 2015

It is estimated that more than 300m people now live away from the country of their birth and that they send back more than £500bn ($750bn) to their families.

For some developing countries the money sent home is a vital part of the economy, but many migrants want to do more than just ship back cash.

A growing number of those who have enjoyed success in their adopted homelands want to use the skills and experience to “give something back” to their country of origin.

Please also take a look at the interview with Dr Theodora Pepera on BBC!
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She is Awesome, What a wonderful women!