.EU starts on december 7.

Nyhet   •   Okt 05, 2005 09:53 CEST

At last the start dates, for the launch of the Top Level Domain .EU, has been announced.

Sunrise 1 starts on December 7 2005
Sunrise 2 starts on Februari 7 2006
Landrush starts on April 7 2006

During the Sunrise period, domain names will be made availible only to the holders of prior rights, who will be asked to back up their claim with documentary evidence. During the Landrush period, bo documents will be required.

For more information abouit .eu see http://www.nameisp.com/eu.asp

Below you can see links to policys, rules and more information
EURid has promised to translate the texts to all european languages soon.

Rules for Sunrise

Policy for registration

Terms & Conditions

Whois Policy

Public Policy Rules (PPR) (English)

A summary of Public Policy Rules (PPR)

You are today able to queue up for your .EU-domain with NameISP. We only accept one unique domain name in the Landrush queue.